Smart, passionate and somewhat biased commentary about the Montreal Canadiens (HABS) from a lifelong fan now living in Toronto (LeafLand).

Gonna Lose!? Lose Big!!!

And that’s what the Habs have been doing of late… losing big. And the funny thing is, it’s not the goalie’s fault, as coach Jacques Martin put it after the 6-2 drubbing his team took at the hands of the Carolina Hurricanes last night in Raleigh. P.K. Subban falls on his derriere last night in Raleigh against the Carolina Hurricanes. Hopefully this isn’t a harbinger of their play as they limp towards the playoffs. Photo: AP Costly turnovers and a lack of energy and desperation was what did the Habs in last night. And some solid saves by Cam Ward in the first period especially. To me, the Habs played this game as one they collectively felt they could afford to lose. And guess what? They lost. But it’s true, they could afford to lose last night’s game, because nothing really changed for the Habs in the standings, due to the Sabres’ 1-0 win over the Rangers. So the Habs remain 2 points up on both the Rangers and Sabres (each with a game in hand) and 5 up on the ‘Canes. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: The Canadiens are starting to look like a team running out of gas… I think they’ve performed admirably considering all the injuries and drama this year, but now the tank looks like it’s on E. And this fatigue is more emotional than physical. Max Pacioretty’s loss to the team has definitely impacted this team on an emotional level, but unfortunately in a negative way. His lack of speed and scoring touch are missed too; but what happened, the way it happened and all of the hoopla afterwards must have worn this team down. And it shows. Add that to all of the injuries to key players like Markov, Gorges and Spacek — and we have a struggling team as we near the start of the playoffs. Are the Habs capable of making another magical run in the postseason like last year? Sure why not??? Anything’s possible. Would I bet on it?? Uhhhhh… :) Habs next game is in Joisey against the Devils. THE DEVILS!!!! Oh boy. What did I say a few posts before?? It’s gonna hurt more before it gets better. Around the league: Shawn Thornton was clipped by a skate blade. Not funny even for this Booins-hater, and was then heckled by the Blackhawks bench. That was a low blow. No need to start playing Bruins hockey and sink to Boston’s level Chicago. Stick to your own game and you’ll be fine. Crosby cleared for non-contact practice. Although GM Ray Shero kind of indicated we won’t see Crosby until training camp — this could be complete gamesmanship on his part. Wouldn’t it be the story of year if he did make it back for the playoffs, only to carry the Pens towards another cup? We’ll see about that, but that would make a hekkuva story. Corey Perry paces the Ducks. The Ducks are in playoff position while the Calgary Flames are on their last legs after losing 4-2 to Anaheim. Perry now leads the league in goals with 46. Speaking of the Ducks, here’s another tantalizing story possibility. Imagine this: Over the summer, the Coyotes move back to Winnipeg from Phoenix and Teemu Selanne signs a contract with that team. Woudn’t that be awesome to see him end his career where it all began, in Winnipeg!!??

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