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Good Omen?

Happy days are here again for Max Pacioretty and the Habs.

Happy days are here again for Max Pacioretty and the Habs.

Getting scored on ten times in a game can’t be much fun.

Scoring ten times in game, the opposite must apply.

Just ask the Canadiens, who may have exorcized some demons last night in their big 10-1 win at home against the poor Colorado Avalanche last night.

Remember that drubbing the Habs received at the hands of the Columbus Blue Jackets earlier this season!? A low point for sure, though this week’s news about Alex Galchenyuk might be a close second.

But the Canadiens, already offensively strapped, have seemingly pulled up their boot straps to fill the void and notably, it’s Max Pacioretty who appears to have taken the lead.

Guess he might have read my last blog post, eh? In that post, I mentioned the obvious that the team needed more from their captain.

He’s responded by scoring seven times in the last four games, including last night’s 5 point performance (4 goals, 1 assist).

Of course, nights like last night are anomalies and the Canadiens shouldn’t (and won’t) take too much from it except the air of confidence it provides the entire squad, and especially Pacioretty — who looks to have gotten his mojo back.

With Galchenyuk on the shelf for at least 5 more weeks, others on the team need to step up and with that, Pacioretty has re-emerged as the Canadiens’ leading point scorer and offensive threat. And it’s just what the doctor ordered. Tomas Plekanec is also heating up, also good news for the Habs.

Even better, get this: The last time the Canadiens have scored and been scored on ten times in a game in the same season was 1985-86 — you know — the team that went on to win the Stanley Cup with Patrick Roy between the pipes.

Good omen!? Let’s hope so.



One comment on “Good Omen?

  • Samuel Grief

    Great to see the Habs of the ’80s show up offensively…now we need some more magic to propel the Habs all way this year!


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