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Groundhog Day Habs Style

Yesterday was Groundhog Day. How fitting was that given the Canadiens did what they seem to be good at doing this year, over and over… and over? That is of course, losing a game where on 2 separate occasions they were up by 2 goals.

Punxsutawney Phil. This cute and well fed little critter saw his shadow yesterday. We saw the Habs’s season go straight to the devil based on another repeat performance.

When will this stop? Certainly not this year. Yes, it’s all about next year folks. I’m fine with it too. Sure I wanted to be bold and brash and be the first to predict a cup for our Canadiens this year, but hey, I’m not perfect. I’m the most American-Canadian you’ll find. I sometimes shoot then ask questions. I like bourbon. And I don’t like the winter…

Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow when he crawled out of his burrow yesterday. Isn’t he cuddly? He certainly looks well fed. Anyhow that means six more weeks of winter!!! Which might be a good thing for the Habs, they need all the help they can get because their summers are fast approaching.

But as I’ve written previously, a top-five pick is terrific news, especially since this team isn’t that far off. Yes, I really believe that. Hey, just because things don’t seem to be working doesn’t mean it’s blow-up time. A car can be in perfect working order but if a tire is flat it won’t go anywhere.

So that’s that. On the bright side, Louis Leblanc was called up last night and had a good game. All in all it was a bit of a strange one though. Bourque’s shot hit Desharnais off his head for the first goal. Puck stopped right on the line for Price on a Kovalchuk backhand in the first period and somehow stayed out. Elias hit Blunden from behind and got fined today $2500. Blunden will probably be out awhile. P.K. Subban just drilled and I mean pasted Larsson and sent him back to his childhood. Price let in a total stinker that even I could’ve saved. Then the refs decided they had enough and didn’t want to go to OT, so they ignored a blatant hooking call when Cole tried to clear the puck out of his zone which led to Parise’s game winner.

Well at least Ryan White and Travis Moen are about ready to come back to action. Don’t expect Markov to play this year.

Ho hum, c’est la vie. And that’s the season folks. So now… who should we pick in the 2012 draft with our top 5 pick? More on that to come.


One comment on “Groundhog Day Habs Style


    Habs lose, habs lose. This season has been an interesting one, watching Habs find new, innovative ways to lose. Whether bad luck, bad bounces, bad calls, bad karma, what have you.

    Time to get new management. Maybe even use Billy Beane’s style of GM’ing as displayed on the big screen by Brad Pitt in MoneyBall…


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