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Habs Got the Blues

Marc BergevinIt’s a bit misleading, right!?

What’s that you ask? I said, it’s a bit misleading… the Habs, in first place atop of the Atlantic division.

Sure, they have 70 points and a six point lead over the never-say-die Ottawa Senators. But what’s that? The Senators have 4 games in hand?

Four games…hmm, 2 times 4 equals 8. 8 plus 4 equals 12. Wait a second!?

That’s right, the Senators could indeed catch us sooner than you think. That’s what’s misleading.

But let’s forget about the math — never my favourite subject anyhow. Let’s talk hockey.

Like the hockey our beloved Montreal Canadiens have been playing of late. Hockey that hasn’t been up to snuff for awhile now.

Probably the brightest spot!? Max Pacioretty, he’s been on fire since I called him out back in early December.

But other than MaxPac, the team has been pretty average at best. Can’t seem to do much at home. Can’t beat the better teams. Having trouble with the lesser teams. Not much secondary scoring. Not good on faceoffs, penalty kill average. Even Carey Price doesn’t seem to have his usual focus. The defense gives up too many chances.

That the Habs have the blues is a bit of an understatement, even with that 4-2 loss yesterday against the St. Louis Blues. Luckily, the team gets the chance to bounce back against their usual tonic, the Boston Bruins tonight.

Carey Price will be fine. The Habs have bigger problems to figure out.

Carey Price will be fine. The Habs have bigger problems to figure out.

Carey Price is the least of our concerns. He’ll be fine. But his more than average play over the last 6-8 weeks just underscores the Habs are a very average team, when he’s just average.

So what is the problem with the Canadiens?

Some go straight to the coaching. Maybe…

Some think we need another offensive threat up the middle. Probably.

Some believe the Habs are going to be buyers at the trade deadline. Definitely.

But buy what? That is the big question. And is the price to pay for the short term, going to pay off later this spring (i.e. in a Stanley Cup)?

Your guess is as good as mine. But the way the Habs are going right now, that’s just a technicolor dream.

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