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Habs Nosedive Continues

Two teams going in two very different directions met last night in a snowy D.C.

Unfortunately, it’s the Canadiens going the direction of the wastepile, falling 3-0 to a resurging Capitals team. They’re now 1-5 with two more games left on this roadtrip.

Looks like Mario Tremblay was correct when he said last week that if the Habs started this trip 0-2, it wouldn’t turn out well for the team. Darn him for being so right!! This time.

Can’t really say the Habs played a poor game, but once again, avoidable mistakes cost them. The first period was relatively even, yet the Habs couldn’t muster much on two quick powerplays that were given to them by the sluggish Caps. Then they started taking penalties, effectively handing the momentum back to Washington, who then scored two quick goals late in the period.

For some reason, as I’ve noted in previous posts, the Canadiens have trouble at the beginning and end of periods. This time, they get scored on with about 30 seconds to play in the 1st period, then take a penalty right off the bat in the 2nd.

Ultimately the Canadiens inability to score, on the powerplay or at even strength is now their biggest concern. Carey Price could not be blamed for last night’s loss as he made some terrific saves against Ovechkin et al.

The Habs were also dominated in the faceoff zone. Halpern hasn’t had the same presence of late. Wonder if he’s hurt too!?

I was pleased they sat Gorges as he needs time to heal. We need a solid Josh Gorges playing like the way we all know he can play. Subban still looks a bit shaky, but he’ll come around. I don’t think anyone is worried about him. I just wish fans would let it go already how Martin is ruining the guy. He’s a rookie and he needs to cut his teeth, for the good and the bad. In general, the team as a whole does not look very confident in either end of the ice, and it shows on the scoreboard.

Ultimately the Canadiens need to find a way to get some pucks into the net. Things don’t get any easier over the next two games as the team finds itself in warm and sunny Florida, where they tend not to fare too well, even if they usually play in front of a large contingent of Habs fans.
In an unconfirmed What did I say!? moment, the Habs acquired James Wisniewski from the Islanders yesterday. I know I wrote very recently that I wouldn’t be surprised if the team made a move very soon. I just can’t recall if I wrote it here, or on one of my many postings around the hockey blogosphere. Let me know if you find it.

Also, I want to repeat that it’s time the Habs started winning a few games for their beleaguered goaltender Carey Price.

Yes, it’s true, we need him to make some big saves to keep us in the game. He did that last night in the first when he stopped Ovechkin from point blank range.

But do we need pundit Arpon Basu writing articles about how Price may be tired!? Are we losing because of Price!? I think not. See my posting on his article detailing Price’s first and second half of seasons past.

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