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Habs Streaking?

Habs fourth line allows Head Coach Michel Therrien the ability to keep rolling his lines. A fitter Smith-Pelley along with former Sabres Mitchell and Flynn gives the Canadiens the kind of energy -- and timely scoring -- all teams would hope for in a fourth line. (AP Photo/Gary Wiepert)

Head Coach Michel Therrien just keeps rolling his lines. A fitter Smith-Pelley along with former Sabres Mitchell and Flynn gives the Canadiens the kind of energy — and timely scoring — all teams would hope for from a fourth line. (AP Photo/Gary Wiepert)

Habs start the season 8-0. You have to like that. But are they streaking?

Sure. Winning games in a row can be defined as a “streak.”

But their now franchise-record 8-0 start is much more than just a streak, in my 0-pinion. To me, it comes off somewhat negative to label this team as “streaking.”

And I’m not talking about your neighbourhood perv.

Check out this recap from last night’s rout of the Buffalo Sabres, where rearguard Andrei Markov scored a career high 5 points, and reached the 500 point mark to boot:

Andrei Markov had a career night for the streaking Montreal Canadiens.

Alright, this is all true. Accurate, even. But to me, the Bruins are a team that’s streaking. That is, after a brutal start, Boston has put some wins together.

The Canadiens are a team that’s winning, that’s dominating, that are controlling their collective destinies, and setting the stage for what we hope to be a championship season.

But they’re not streaking. How about:

The Montreal Canadiens are leading the NHL in wins and points.

Sounds good, right!?

The Canadiens have a chance to extend their “streak” against the Maple Leafs tonight in Montreal. If they do, they’ll be one game away from tying the NHL record of 11 straight wins to start a season.

How good is this team looking right now? Each line is contributing, the fourth line and especially hometown boy Torrey Mitchell has been terrific, and even the powerplay seems to be gaining some momentum.

Last night’s opposition has given them fits in the past, so nice to see them put the Sabres away. But these are still early days. The Canadiens will lose a game (or two) eventually; but it’s WHO they lose to that matters. A loss against Tampa Bay, for instance, could say more about this team than their current, “streaking” ways.

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PS: Too bad Jays, you gave it your best. But if you’re an Expos fan like me, you’re okay with this result :)

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4 thoughts on “Habs Streaking?

  • Chris

    Quick question Habsfaninleafland. If the the Habs are 8-0 ( which is great) and i might get to see the game tonight since they are in Toronto and it will be on the TV without having to pay extra for it ( hockey should be free on TV, or at least on canadian TV. ) back to my point Habs are 8 and 0. But if they win tonight they will be one game from tying the NHL record of 11 and 0. Would one more win not put the 9-0 which is 2 back from tying the NHL record?

    Always like your blogs.

    • Ari Post author

      Chris you are correct, I stand corrected. The Canadiens are still three games away from tying the league record, which is 11 wins.
      Thanks for reading and enjoy the game tonight!

    • Ari Post author

      Chris I stand corrected again! The league record is indeed 10 wins in a row to start a season and if they win tonight, they will have the new record for wins in regulation.

  • Samuel Grief

    Streak or no streak, the HABS are playing winning hockey and look to be a force this year. The mighty HABS are back!!


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