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Paging Dr. Recchi…Dr. Mark Recchi

Paging Dr. Recchi. Dr. Mark Recchi: This is great. I love it when telecasts have a sense of humour. And I also love the fact that this nickname is following the ex-Habs player into his retirement.

For sure, my anger towards Mark Recchi has diminished somewhat from last year after his completely offside comments about Max Paccioretty’s injury — something I’m sure (well I hope) he now regrets. After all, at the time he was coccooned within the warm and goonish confines of the Boston Bruins. Ultimately, I like you Mark Recchi. You were good player for the Canadiens and had an excellent, probably Hall of Fame-worthy career in the NHL, picking up three cups with three different teams. Nice.

Still this is terrific stuff and I’m sorry that this is how you may come to be remembered, but ultimately and I’m sure it’s what makes it sting that much more… you only have yourself to blame.

Btw, will anyone ever break Dougie Jarvis’ iron man record? I think not.

Enjoy this clip:

Scotty Gomez, say it ain’t so: Rumour has it that Scott Gomez is already telling his posse that he does not expect to be in Montreal next year and that his contract will be bought out. But wait!? I thought this was to be your bounce-back year Gomer!? So much for that. Now he wants to go back to New Jersey. No shit. Nothing personal, but we can only hope it’s true Scotty G.

Saint-Patrick signs deal to coach the Canadiens!? Beh non!! Yes now that the Habs are resigned to the fact that they will not be in this year’s postseason dance, the rumour mill is beginning to pick up speed.

That means the weekly (soon to be daily) rumouring that Patrick Roy will be anointed the Montreal Canadiens’ new head coach. Some say he’s too hot-headed and unpredictable (namely, me) and others feel he might be a better fit in some sort of managerial role (obviously Pierre Gauthier wouldn’t agree).

In fact, this rumour even stated that he’s already signed a contract, which he quickly denied, but also didn’t deny the fact that he’d be interested in the job if he was approached. Remember, this is a guy who turned down the head coaching job with the Avalanche a few years back. That takes guts.

In any case, I know there’s a lot of folks out there who’d like to see this. I personally discussed the possibility with some when Martin looked done and indicated that I didn’t think this year was right. That it wasn’t a good situation for him to come into. That he deserved to start the year fresh, brand new slate and all.

So now given the options and the special requirements for this job, Patrick Roy could indeed be a terrific head coach for the Montreal Canadiens. He’s a winner. He’s a Habs alum. He’s got passion up the wazzoo. He’s perfectly bilingual. He’s got a great head of hair. What more do you want?

Well Larry Robinson would be nice… if he were crazy enough to take this job. Think about how good he’d be with our young defense corps.

But seriously, though I still do believe Marc Crawford would be another good choice in this dossier (and he’s also another hair boy) Roy knows the Montreal landscape and would not only be a crowd favourite, but a media darling as well. Us fans deserve it after the year we’ve been subjected to. There will be more on this, pho sho!!

L’arret incroyable!!! What a save!! Holy moly as a goalie I can really appreciate the skill involved to do this kind of thing. Sure flashing the leather always makes for good replays, but this truly is amazing. Kari Lehtonen of the Dallas Stars just robbing the Coyotes’ Oliver Ekman-Larsson in OT.

Funny enough, I just happened to catch this live. Originally I thought Ekman-Larsson missed the net or hit the post. Nope.

Stick tap to the dude behind the net wearing the old school Minnesota North Stars jersey. My fav of all-time (other than the Habs, of course).

And finally. I couldn’t resist. Sorry Leaf fans:

4 thoughts on “Paging Dr. Recchi…Dr. Mark Recchi


    Paging Dr. Habs fan in leafland…How do you foresee the Habs “Re-Habbing” themselves next year? Start planning now, guys, and don’t play too much golf in the off-season!

  • HabsFanLeafLand

    Re-Habbing eh? Good one, I’m going to use that. The response to your question is best saved for a summertime post, but so far and I tend to agree the consensus among the pundits (and fans) is for the team to straighten things out on the 2nd floor of the Bell Centre, then things will follow from that — if you get my drift.

    • HabsFanLeafLand

      I dunno gerg but judging from his playoff record, he’s getting a lot of practice out there so he must be a good golfer by now :)


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