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Shootout Win!? Oh Joy…

I enjoyed last night’s game for once.  Not just because the Habs got 2 points against the Penguins. It was a good entertaining game regardless.

Both teams got good scoring chances and both goalies made great saves yet also let in ones they’d like back. There was good back and forth action and I liked the pace overall.

Of course entering the shootout, I expected the Habs to lose as has been the familiar refrain this year. All I asked for was for someone, anyone, to get at least one past Marc-Andre Fleury in defeat.

Tommy Plekanec scored the shootout winner and was last night’s first star. Here he thanks Carey Price for following his advice and shooting to Fleury’s stick side. 

And my wish was realized in the form of Rene Bourque who sniped a shot past Fleury’s glove hand to give the Canadiens the lead. But then in the 2nd round, Evgeni (I’m money) Malkin pulled a spin-o-rama of his own to tie it all up.

Eventually, Lars Eller put the puck in. Then Chris Kunitz tied it up. Finally, in the 8th round, Tomas Plekanec — who was stopped earlier in the game on a breakaway, put the puck home and Carey Price made the last save to give the Habs the 3-2 shootout win.


The funny thing of course is that ultimately — dare I say it — I want the Canadiens to lose.

Yes. Lose. Lose big even.

Because I want that top draft pick. I want it, want it, want it!!!!

Finish in the bottom five in the league. Please!!!!!! We’re not going to make the playoffs. Please do not pull a Leafs-style late season run only to finish a few points short.

Of course you know now that I mentioned it, they’ll probably do just that.

Habs visit the Islanders on Long Island tomorrow night.

One comment on “Shootout Win!? Oh Joy…


    I hate writing off the rest of the HABS season, but unless the HAB-NOTS put together an unlikely run of 10 consecutive wins, the playoffs are a dream. Whether a top draft pick puts a new sheen on a dull season is unknown…


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