Smart, passionate and somewhat biased commentary about the Montreal Canadiens (HABS) from a lifelong fan now living in Toronto (LeafLand).

So What if Habs Are First!?

Max Pacioretty is off to the worst offensive start to his career.

Max Pacioretty is off to the worst offensive start to a season of his career.

The Montreal Canadiens are tops in the Atlantic division. Great right? And, they’ve been tops in the NHL for most of the season (as of writing, the Rangers and Blackhawks lead them by two points, but the Habs have two games in hand on both).

So far so good right? But so what!?

We remember all too well what happened last year once Carey Price went down, so we know it’s MUCH too early to get ahead of ourselves. And it’s pretty much the consensus the Habs still have yet to play their best hockey.

Let’s say the Habs are getting valuable points that will help them down the stretch to solidify a playoff position.

That sounds fair, right? Right, right.

Highlights so far:

Carey Price. Outasite. Best goalie in the world. Coaching staff just has to figure out how he can start scoring goals.

Shea “Mountain Man” Weber. He’s been everything Montreal’s brass could’ve hoped for and then some. And he’s the early odd-on Norris candidate.

Le powerplay. Captain Kirk Muller has improved the team’s powerplay to stand at 21.6%, good for ninth in the league. Still lots of room for improvement though.

Alex Radulov. He has chemistry with the other Alex and has brought passion to the rink night after night.

Lowlights so far:

4-5-1 road record. We could say the Canadiens have benefited from a schedule that has allowed them to play more at home than on the road. Now it’s time to pay the piper. And the Habs need to improve this number big time if they are to remain at the top shelf of the league.

Max Pacioretty. I’m not sure what to say about Captain Max. He’s having the worst start to a season in his career. There’s something just not right with him. He’s lost that edge, and doesn’t seem to have the same kind of skating power he once had flying down the wing. Wonder if his personal life is impacting his game. Don’t want to start unfounded rumours but something ain’t right with Max-Pac.

Hopefully he and the rest of the team figures it out because they Canadiens are falling in to their yearly scoring funk and even Carey Price won’t be able to help. Another 2-1 loss in San Jose last night and the losses could start to pile up as they stumble through California, again!

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