Smart, passionate and somewhat biased commentary about the Montreal Canadiens (HABS) from a lifelong fan now living in Toronto (LeafLand).
Carey Price is firmly in his prime and with his treasure trove of trophies won this year, he's ready to get the holy grail of hockey trophies.

Perfect Price “Careys” Habs

Carey Price posts his second shutout in a row helping the Canadiens beat the Washington Capitals 1-0. The Canadiens have now won five straight. There's been a lot of talk about Carey Price lately. Good talk. But also lots of talk how the Canadiens seem to be relying on him too much. Hard to argue with that I guess. Take the last two games. On Thursday in New York City facing the Rangers at MSG, he out dueled Henrik Lundqvist and the Canadiens walked away with a 1-0 win on Max Pacioretty's late goal. Then this afternoon in the now…

Closing out the P.K. Subban Affair

Well P.K. Subban finally came back to his team with his tail somewhat between his legs. Now it's up for him to make good with his teammates and put words into action. And I think he will.Throughout this process, there was a lot of emotion involved, some good some bad by fans and writers alike. Some were in favour of the Canadiens signing him to a longer term deal, which was reported that's what Subban wanted. He came out in the press to state he wanted his "fair value" and wasn't looking to break the bank. Using the press like…


GAME NUMERO 3: HABS TAKE ADVANTAGE OF LISTLESS CAPITALS FOR 1ST ROAD WIN OF 2013It's nice to be wrong every once in awhile. Once in awhile, okay?My Habs vs. Capitals pregame thoughts were this: playing in Washington, Caps are 0-2, Ovechkin has yet to score and with all of that, figured we would should could be in for a long night.Markov is back en force. Habs beat Caps 4-1 in Washington. APThen when the Habs took the early momentum on a power play just over a minute into the game and didn't capitalize, I thought "oh boy, I've seen this before."…

Thee Axen Hath Fallen

Not much of a surprise, really.Except we would have guessed that heads would have rolled upon season's end.No matter. The important thing is, it's done.Pierre Gauthier was shown the door today by Geoff Molson, bringing this annus horribilis to an end.It hasn't been all bad, mind you: Pacioretty, Cole and Desharnais' collective success; Leblanc looking like he belongs; Eller's 4 goal game and evolution; me meeting Riva. But I digress...So the line goes, Gauthier was fired, Gainey stepped aside. Makes sense.And thus the Gillette-Gainey-Gauthier era officially comes to an end.I like Bob Gainey, loved him as a player and I'm…

Paging Dr. Recchi…Dr. Mark Recchi

Paging Dr. Recchi. Dr. Mark Recchi: This is great. I love it when telecasts have a sense of humour. And I also love the fact that this nickname is following the ex-Habs player into his retirement. For sure, my anger towards Mark Recchi has diminished somewhat from last year after his completely offside comments about Max Paccioretty's injury -- something I'm sure (well I hope) he now regrets. After all, at the time he was coccooned within the warm and goonish confines of the Boston Bruins. Ultimately, I like you Mark Recchi. You were good player for the Canadiens and had an excellent, probably Hall…